Vacancies Dialogue Foundation NJI   

The Netherlands-Japan-Indonesia (NJI) Dialogue Foundation is looking for reinforcement. If you are interested in the turbulent history of Southeast Asia and, just like us, you think it is important not to let this history get lost and to build bridges between citizens in the Netherlands, Indonesia and Japan, please visit our website /home/ 

The NJI Dialogue Foundation is a voluntary organization that, since 2000, has been organizing conferences and educational activities related to the Netherlands-Japan-Indonesia relationship, the Second World War, and the aftermath in Indonesia in particular, aiming at reconciliation; using dialogue conversations and other non-polarizing activities as an instrument. A conference is planned in Surabaya (2021) in Indonesia. An online youth dialogue initiated from the Netherlands is planned for May 29 2021. 

The board of our foundation consists of the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer. Their efforts are unpaid.

Our working method is increasingly project-based, in which working groups are led by a board member. 

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