Cooperation of the Dialog NJI with Amstelveense schools project

Dialog NJI is working with the Amstelveen schools project ‘meet- and (Re) thinking “that falls under the auspices of the Foundation for Victims and Fallen of the Dutch East Indies, which organizes the annual commemoration Indies in Indie Monument in Amstelveen. See: Indie commemorate Amstelveen
The aim of this school project in its pilot period (2013 t / m 2016) was to develop in the area of new especially dialogic teaching methods:

  • Meeting ethnic and religious groups that are part of the Amstelveen society. Between 140 cultures of this city is a substantial group of Japanese and Indonesians. Knowledge of their background and the historical relationship in World War II with the youth is important to promote the Sustainable Living in the municipality.
  • Commemorating World War II from a global perspective. Because of the historical relationship in the Second World War develops initiatives from the schools to reconcile with the former war enemies Indonesia and Japan. So we developed a lesson on whether or not to reconcile with Japan where former camp victims in the Dutch East Indies play a role and provide guest lectures.

Also, Yukari Tangena of Dialog NJI provides a guest lecture at the World Express Lesbos where she told what the relationship is with Japan and the background of the Fukuoka monument in Nagasaki.

On the anniversary of August 14, 2015 she was present at the commemoration, where they will have a flower arrangement on the commemoration of 2016 explaining what had initially objected to a number of former camp victims.
The schools in the years 2013 t / m in 2016 yielded the following dialogic activities:

  • Preparation Lessons’ Meeting and Remembrance “with, among others lessons about World War II in the Dutch East Indies in collaboration with former internees. These were mainly given by Edu Dumasy (second generation) and Nora Valk (first generation)
  • Newcomers Canon of the Amstel Countries and timeline receivers for a global approach to the Second World War.
    Annual ‘Meeting and Remembrance “at the memorials in Amstelveen Broersepark and a variable prayer house to meet representatives of religions.
  • Teaching Bus World Express of the Indie Memorial Center a few weeks came to be in Amstelveen in 2015 and 2016 and where students of upper DIY lessons about discrimination against the backdrop of World War II could perform in Asia.
  • A quest about World War II was held in the Amstelveen district Elsrijk to also establish a link with global developments. Thus, two resisters who are on the general war memorial comes from the Dutch East Indies.
  • A charity campaign for children in Syria. The horrors of the war in the Dutch East Indies where especially innocent civilians from different groups were victims involved, are also visible in the current wars. That’s why we also provide a link to information about WWII with current wars.
Guest lessons for primary schools

By A. W. Schram are cared for some guest lessons in groups 6 and 7 of primary education (Bussum). Currently, a lesson in preparation and will again be provided a number of lessons in the academic year 16-17 (Bussum, Alkmaar). Will also be catered for in one class of secondary education teaching will be (Katwijk). These lessons will be given on the basis of the story of a prisoner who has been in a camp in Japan and it was forced to operate receivers for the Japanese military industry.

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The lessons of the lesson (once completed) will also be offered via websites to other schools and to organizations offering courses in WWII.