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The foundation Dialogue – Netherlands – Japan – Indonesia has launched the dialogue…

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Because we were enemies once and no longer want to be. We talk…

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Here is a list of all our conferences since 2000. Including some personal…

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Because we were enemies once
and no longer want to be.
We talk about the war and the past,
about our personal experiences
during the Japanese occupation
of the former Dutch Indies
and about the periods
before and after the war.
And about the mental scars
it has left on us,
but most of all about the future.

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Television NHK-Nagasaki broadcast a news item about the Dialogue NJI lesson

Our dialogue NJI mission in Nagasaki was completed with an excellent report of…

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Joan Snellen van Vollenhoven appointed as advisor.

We are pleased to announce that Joan Snellen van Vollenhoven has been appointed…

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Presentations and video’s of 21st. conference available.

The lectures and videos of the speakers at the 21st Dialogue Conference “Reconciliation,…

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Rest in peace Mr Toyoichi Ihara

       On July 30th 2019 Mr Toyoichi Ihara passed away at…

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