‘Solidified Tears’ in memory of the prisoner of war Fukuoka-2 (1942-1945 written by Laurens van Aggelen.

The book can be purchased at we publishing

Fukuoka-2 was one of the largest POW camps in Japan during the 1942-1945. At its peak there were about 1,500 Allied prisoner of war detained, most of them were Dutch, British, American or Australian.

In ‘Solidified tears the story of the hundreds of Dutch people here were forced to hard labor for years under the most difficult and degrading conditions. The story about the liberation after the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Among the survivors and future generations demands the consequences still taking their toll.

In memory of all those who were held captive in the camp, a monument was unveiled on September 13, 2015. What the creation of this monument makes it so special, is that it has come at the initiative of Japanese citizens and thus can be seen as a gesture of reconciliation for all surviving actors and the generations after them.


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