Verslag en presentaties Symposium 6 October 2018 beschikbaar
“Trauma, Recognition and Reconciliation after Violent Conflict”

Geachte mevrouw, heer,

Het verslag en presentaties van het symposium zijn hier beschikbaar.

De belangrijkste conclusies van het symposium zijn (in Engels):

  1. Overall, we may conclude that the interdisciplinary character of the morning sessions was well appreciated, also good to have some Japanese perspective. The different ways of conducting research and framing between countries/cultures was considered interesting. It was generally felt that the information in the morning sessions provided very useful inputs for the group discussion in the afternoon.
  2. Albeit considered ambitious, from the feedback we received, we may conclude that we succeeded in bringing the discussions around trauma due to violent conflicts beyond the personal level by drawing attention to the very complicated different narratives in the three countries. And many attendees recommended continuing along these lines in the future.
  3. Many also stressed the unique nature of the work of our foundation as for many years we already provide a platform for processing trauma through dialogue and reconciliation, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Japan; they expressed their wish that in future we will not loose this feature and will expand activities to Indonesia.
  4. In any case, reaching young people is of utmost importance and this aspect should not be forgotten in our future work.
  5. Also getting more participants from Indonesia and Japan is considered important. Students from these countries studying at Dutch universities may be an interesting group.
    We willen alle deelnemers en inleiders bedanken voor hun aanwezigheid en hun waardevolle bijdrages..
    Namens de samenwerkende organisaties Dialoog NJI, Arq en IHC.
    Yukari Tangena- Suzuki,
    Voorzitter Stichting Dialoog NJI

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