Our dialogue NJI mission in Nagasaki was completed with an excellent report of television station NHK. This report was on the most seen morning news show called “Ohayoo Nippon” (Good morning Japan) and was broadcasted in whole Japan on Oct.28th. 2019.

Our message “Reconciliation is important to make Peace together” was very clearly presented. It is highlighted in  the interactive lessons Andre Schram gave to the high school pupils and the blessing is that the report showed how we could share our strong desire for peace through “Dialogue” !

Another point of this report is to remember late Mr. Ihara who passed away recently. He was the main character having built the beautiful monument in Kooyagi four years ago. Without the monument there would have been no booklets of “Story of Johan” nor lessons to share with high school pupils.

Our gratitude to Mr. #Hatakeyama of NHK for not only having made an excellent and impressive report but also for having proclaimed OUR Dialogue NJI message to Japan.

Yukari Tangena-Suzuki and André Schram.

Watch the NHK television broadcast about Dialoque NJI.


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