On September 12, 2020, in Nagasaki, Japan, there will be a commemoration of the events of September 13, 1945.  On this day, 75 years ago, Dutch, British, American and Australian prisoners of war were freed from the Fukuoka-2 camp.
The ceremony will take place at the memorial, unveiled in 2015, in memory of all Fukuoka-2 prisoners of war.

In addition to the commemoration on 12 September 2020, two excursions are being organised, on 10thand 11thSeptember, by Stichting Dialoog NJI.
The first excursion will go to the Cross Monument, in Mizumaki, that commemorates the 871 Dutch prisoners of war who perished, in Japan, as a result of forced labour.
The second excursion will include a lecture about the Fukuoka-2 camp, a visit to the old campsite, as well as to a number of places in Nagasaki that are related to Fukuoka-2 or WWII.

If you are considering attending the ceremony, in Nagasaki, on 12 September 2020, or taking part in any of the excursions, we ask you to let us know before 1st October, 2019 via .  Please use this email address if you want more information.

Responding will not commit you to anything, but will serve as an indication of interest in the excursions and the ceremony, and will help in planning these events.

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