SHORT VIDEO  of the 21st Dialogue NJI conference

Our 21st Dialogue Conference on “Reconciliation, Why?” Was a huge success.
Thanks to the very good and special lectures by Philip de Heer, Eriko Ikeda, Prof. Toyomi Asano, Maarten Hidskes, Arletta Kaper, Yukari Tangena-Suzuki, Prof. Muraoka and well directed by day chairman Janneke Roos.

But especially a big compliment for  all 86 participants (including around 30 1st generation WW2 war victims). You all contributed to the Dialogue discussions under the professional leadership of the discussion leaders: Mariella Kwee, Bert van der Linden, Annelieke Drogendijk, Karin Dumassy,  Arletta Kaper and Rob Sipkens.
The location and organization were good, a lot of content and enough room for emotions, which are simply unavoidable in this context,

We will make the presentations at a later date available via our website: and via our  Facebook page

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