Television NHK-Nagasaki (being part of NHK-Japan) will broadcast a special five minutes item in their local news on May 31st about the lesson booklet ‘The story of Johan/Three years in Japan but not voluntarily’ which was newly translated in Japanese. NHK interviewed Yukari Tangena-Suzuki on the significance of the booklet and André Schram (author of the booklet) is asked to contribute with a video message with a personal note on his drive to create the booklet. Needless to stress but this opportunity to present the booklet to the public in Nagasaki prefecture is very important.  The authors are grateful for NHK-Nagasaki’s interest in the lesson booklet. The booklet has been produced under the auspices of de Stichting Dialoog Nederland-Japan-Indonesië and can be viewed, ordered and/or downloaded through


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