Source: Blauw Bloed

Today Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands paid her respects to all victims of Fukuoka 2B prisoner of war camp while visiting the Fukuoka 2B Memorial. Close to 1500 allied prisoners of war were held at this camp between October 1942 and September 1945. 73 Prisoners died of maltreatment, diseases or accidents related to slave labour. The Royal Princess discussed the history of the prisoners of war with students of the Koyagi Junior High School, which was built on the former camp site and where the monument was erected in September 2015 as a gesture of respect and reconciliation by the citizens of Nagasaki. Later on the Princess paid a visit to the Old Dutch Cemetary and the epicentre where the atomic bomb ‘Fat Man’ exploded on 9th August 1945.

The lady with Princess Laurentien is the sister of mr. Ihara who takes care of the monument.

For more information about her visit you can visit the website Blauw Bloed (dutch)

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